Learning about food is not only a tasting activity

Cooking food is something we do in our everyday life, without even thinking about the alternatives. But when you start considering food as something living, you may find yourself questioning these routine habits. It is very interesting to reflect on the raw food diet, because it comes from a line of thought that considers food healthier, with a higher nutritional value when they are uncooked or even sprouting.

Thinking and reflecting on our habits is essential to a better life. Nowadays we have so much processed and unhealthy food on our diets that to debate on whether you should change something or not is a step closer to a more nourishing lifestyle. It’s a tendency to think healthier and the increasing demand for healthier and more wholesome food already is and will be even more reflected in the culinary industry.

It is very important for the people to be able to recognize the different sources of information and how much they can simply believe what is written. Knowing the person who wrote the article, or at least having their references it’s elementary. But that’s not the only option, you may find more trustworthy information on websites from renowned universities, fundations, institutes or governmental platforms. And another really big defining thing is whether you can find the sources for the information displayed or you just have to trust it. The more information the source disposes, the bigger the chance of the content being true. Articles written based on research usually show where the conclusions and the arguments came from, on the other hand, if the writer is talking purely opinatively, they won’t be able to back up the information.


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